Your protein powder has rat shit in it

Your protein powder has rat shit in it

Yikes! Gross, I fucking know! I was so pissed when I first discovered this. Let’s back up a bit and talk about why MOST protein powders are garbage (yes, even some organic ones) and which powders out there are actually pretty decent.

We have all been conditioned to think that when we workout, we must down a protein shake afterwards. We’ve come to think of protein drinks as going hand in hand with working out. While it’s not always mandatory to guzzle a shake down, I do recommend consuming a protein drink after an intense workout (especially strength training), to rebuild, repair and reenergize. Currently, there are more protein powders out there that do your body more harm than good.

Why are convention protein powders so bad?


Most of the powders you see at wally world, GNC, fitness gyms, magazines, commercials, and anywhere else, are full of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, carcinogens, chemical sweeteners, and more. When we consume something that is sooooo damn processed our bodies don’t recognize the substance as food. So what it does is leech the nutrients from our own reserves to make up for what this powder lacks. You may be trying to build muscles, but you’re actually thinning your bones since most of the nutrients that are leached come from here.

Our bodies are very effective machines when we consume the things we’re meant to. When we drink these ridiculously fake protein powders, our bodies get confused because like I said, it doesn’t recognize them as food. This causes your body to have a hard time breaking down the protein powder and absorbing its contents. We drink them for a reason but because they are so shitty, most of that shake does NOT get absorbed, and instead puts a lot of pressure on your hard-working kidneys to excrete the remains. It’s very taxing for your kidneys to dump all of this unbroken protein.

Most of the familiar protein powders out there are made out of whey, creatine, casein and genetically modified soy. Why are these common protein sources so nasty to consume? They cause the levels of acid in our bodies to rise. When the body is acidic, it again, leeches calcium from…guess where? Yup. Your BONES! It leeches this calcium in an attempt to lower the acidity and bring your internal system back to balance. I told you our bodies are one effective machine. The problems with this is that over time, our bones begin to get weaker. Not only that, but inflammation rises when you consume acidic foods, and that’s when diseases begins to anchor down.

When your body is acidic disease thrives, sickness occurs. As you consume more shitty powders, your body gets more acidic, filled with inflammation, and those little illnesses get stronger and stronger and begin to thrive as your immune system gets weaker and weaker.

Not only do these protein sources create a toxic imbalance, they are carcinogens! That means they promote the growth of cancer cells and tumors. Among the trillions of cells in our bodies, its inevitable that everyone will have some sort of abnormal cells that have the characters of cancer cells. Once upon a time, most of these cells were naturally expelled or never mutated into full-blown cancer cells. However, since modern diets fill our bodies with more and more fake, and chemically processed shit, these cells are no longer remaining dormant. Consuming these shitty protein sources ENCOURAGES them to go from dormant to freaking malignant and active!

GNC used to sell a very popular whey protein powder until all of a sudden, it just vanished from the market. They tried to keep it under wraps but eventually the truth came out –  the health department found rat droppings in samples of the protein at the manufacturing plant!  Yuppp. And they’re not the only ones that this has happened to. There are plenty of brands out there that have had you drinking rat droppings!

I work hard for my money, and I know you do too. We get raped with prices and crappy quality all day long. So the last thing I want to do is hand over my money to a company that has rat shit in their product! I’m no fucking fool! I sure as hell am not going to PAY to eat rat shit! This isn’t fear factor, there’s no 50 thousand dollar reward waiting for me at the end of this disgusting experiment! Be smart. Pay for quality not shit…literally.

Organic protein powders are no exception to any of this. You would think you’d be in the clear by paying MORE for the organic versions, but even organic companies have damaging practices. It recently came out that some organic brands contain heavy metals.  Heavy metals are detrimental to our health. If your body is highly intoxicated with these metals you could already be sick, tired, weak, aging prematurely, have digestion problems, food allergies, depression, and you get the point. Heavy metal is poisonous! In the long run it will fuck your life up! More and more people are experiencing the effects of heavy metal poisoning which can results in all sorts of ailments like chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, obesity, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, heart failure, and heart disease.

All of this is scary and overwhelming, I know. That is why I want to educate you on what you are putting in your body. That way you can make the informed decisions on whether or not to purchase a certain product. Most of us wouldn’t think twice or have any clue that our protein powders can be so fucking deadly. Do yourself a favor, do your health a favor, and dump that shit out. There ARE better choices out there. There are better brands.

Brendan Brazier: Vegan Athlete, Ironman Triathlete. He doesn't look protein deficient.

Brendan Brazier: Vegan Athlete, Ironman Triathlete. He doesn’t look protein deficient.



  • Vega Sport : this is the protein brand that I consume. I buy mine from Amazon because it’s much more cost-effective getting it from there than any other place that I have found. Vega sport contain different products depending on your needs. This brand uses high quality and clean plant protein that contains enzymes which helps to break down the protein and absorb more efficiently. Free from dairy, gluten and soy, and contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.
  • Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein:  containing award-winning protein (they make an award for everything nowadays) this brand has a good ratio of protein to fiber, omega 3s, vitamin E, and iron. Contains no hexane, gluten, dairy, lactose or sweeteners.
  • Warrior Food Plain: This company practices the highest quality processing methods and utilize authentic standards for production, non-toxic cleaning agents and pest control,(no rat droppings!)  and actually verify the purity of their end product!
  • Sunwarrior: Their products are free of solvents, GMOs, radiation, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, herbicides, and pesticides. Sunwarrior products also contain absolutely no animal products, dairy, egg, soy, added sugar, wheat, or yeast. Contains all the essential amino acids in proper ratios, is easy to digest and promotes healthy kidney and liver functions.
  • Vital Greens: their protein line contains the highest concentration of vegetable plant protein available. They areeasily digestible, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, soy free, low in carb, alkaline – pH of 7 and have a low glycemic Index (GI),


See, there’s no need to freak out. You won’t have to live without your post workout protein shake. It’s really all about quality. Quality, there’s that word again. No matter what brand you decide, always make sure its free of pesticides, GMOs, artificial and refined sugars, heavy metals, and preservatives.  I will say this a millions times, you have ONE life, ONE body. Your body is meant to carry you throughout a lifetime! So choose QUALITY protein powders (and foods and products). Your body is worth putting in the best and most quality sources of nutrition.


Do you drink protein powders? If so, what are some of your favorite recipes. Sometimes these powders don’t taste so great but adding in a couple ingredients really make a difference.


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7 Responses to Your protein powder has rat shit in it

  1. Mandi says:

    We have been buying targets brand of protein powder but just ran out. I will have to look into one of these others. Good timing with this article!

    • haha yes, perfect timing. Check out Amazon, their prices are better than most stores. I know these protein powders are a bit more expensive than the conventional ones, but the quality is far superior!

  2. Samee Ruckle says:

    Hey Connie, great post! My husband and I enjoyed reading this, and found it really interesting. We steered away from the rat-shit protein powders about a year ago now, we knew that the chemicals and preservatives were bad for us- but didn’t know to the extent how! Very informative.

    We use the Sunwarrior brand. Love it. It took awhile to enjoy it though. It has a much grittier texture than the ‘chemical’ brands, but we found when we use it in a blender it’s nice a smooth. The taste is ‘okay’ so we mix it with other ingredients. Currently, my favourite is: Sunwarrior chocolate protein, spinach, coconut water, hemp seeds, two frozen bananas, and natural peanut butter! 🙂

    • We had some difficulties finding powders that mixed and tasted well. But after a few trial and errors we found a brand that meets our taste bud requirements as well as our nutritional qualities (Vega brand). I am very GLAD that you and your mister made the switch! Good for ya’ll!

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    Continue the good work!

  5. Melissa says:

    Plant Fusion and Raw Fusion are 2 of the best on the market.
    No soy, no dairy and the proteins are both raw and sprouted.
    I live at 9% body fat as a 35 year old woman by lifting heavy and eating vegetarian.
    Whey protein is one of the worst things you can put into your body. EVER.

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