Your beauty is NOT determined by your body

Your beauty is NOT determined by your body

I made this video right after coming in from a run. I was sweaty, glistening and probably smelled…and I STILL feel beautiful. Why? Because my beauty is determined from the inside. It has NOTHING to do with any external factors.

I knowwwww how cheesy this sounds but it is a FACT:  Your beauty comes from within! I don’t care if you’re drop dead gorgeous, if you treat people like shit….gurllll…you ugly!




Your beauty is not determined by your size. It’s determined by how you treat others, how you show up in this world.

Your size has NOTHING to do with your beauty. It’s not a factor and should never EVER be a consideration! I know for many of you it is, but know this – Your size has NOTHING to do with your beauty!


If you’re trying to lose weight or get fit it should be based on a number that is right for YOU. It shouldn’t be because you’re trying to lose weight in order to feel beautiful. You could weigh 100 pounds soaking wet and still NOT feel pretty. Why? Because beauty comes from within. It’s not something that you can achieve externally, it’s something that you achieve internally. First you FEEL it, then you radiate it and everyone sees it. 


If you’re trying to lose weight or get fit and that makes you happy then great, that’s AWESOME! But make sure you’re doing it  with the right intention, make sure you’re doing it because you want to achieve your individualized level of health, or your unique level of fitness that is right for YOU, and not because you think it will make you prettier, more desirable, or more beautiful.

The external varies and doesn’t last forever, but how you feel about yourself, no one can take that away from you.

Your size has nothing to do with your beauty. And while we’re talking about health and fitness, healthy and being fit is NOT a certain one size. A lot of people are under the misconception that you have to be a certain size to be considered healthy, or that you have to be able to run marathon after marathon in order to be considered fit.


Hellls nooooo!


That’s not true! Being healthy and fit is customizable, it’s completely unique to YOU.


You can be fit and healthy at ANY SIZE!


One thing I want you to take away from this, one thing I feel this world needs many, MANY more reminders of  – YOUR SIZE DOES NOT DETERMINE YOUR BEAUTY.


How you show you up in this world, that’s what determines your beauty.


Please stop killing and exhausting yourself trying to achieve an impossible standard that you believe will help you feel a certain way.

I’ve said it a million time already and I will say it a million times more, because  I really want to cement this so we can finally let it go and move past this lie: size has NOTHING to do with your beauty.


You’re gorgeous, exactly as you are right now!

Rocking this look and feeling beautiful!

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