Be your own Valentine: A day of celebrating YOU

Be your own Valentine: A day of celebrating YOU

We all remember that scene in, “Valentine’s Day” where Jessica Biel throws the anti-valentine’s party because she’s alone, and single and can’t stand the idea of Valentines.

So what if you don’t have the husband, the boyfriend, the drummer from that band or a partner in your life.

So what?

You have YOU.

As much as Hallmark loves the association of Valentine’s Day with couples, engagements, ridiculous expectations and mental breakdowns over what kind of jewelry to buy, it’s not about ANY of those things.

It’s about LOVEEEEE.

And you don’t need to be in a relationship with someone else to celebrate love.

You’re already in a relationship with yourself.

No matter who comes and goes from your life…YOU will ALWAYS be here.

Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate, strengthen and nurture the most important relationship you will ever have…the one with yourself.



Your awesome day of celebrating you!


  • Upon waking the first thing you’re going to be tempted to do on this fabulous day is log onto social media and see what’s up with everyone else. Resist the urge to compare your day, your events, who you are or aren’t spending vday with, to that of others. Comparison is the quickest route to misery and the fastest way to sap you of your happiness. It doesn’t matter what others are doing today. It only matters how you will be honoring yourself.


  • Start with the most important meal of the day. Heart shaped pancakes make anyone happy! Add a mimosa to that and now you have a real party! Start the day with a breakfast that makes you smile. Forget the kale smoothie (unless it rocks your world then by all means, go kale crazy!) and make the same kind of breakfast you would cook for someone else. Make your own tasty and sweet breakfast and savor it in bed. It’s a special day and you’re a special person. Enjoy.


  • Take a Valentine’s Day fitness class! Many studios have special classes on Valentines. I myself will be attending a fun, Zumba Vday themed class. I’ll be rockin’ my pink, red and white. What better way to show appreciation for your body then to move it in a fun and exhilarating way?! Check out a local Yoga class, Pilates or whatever floats your boat.


  • Dress like a babe. Or like a hobo. Whatever melts your butter. You can lounge in your pajamas, with a bird nest for hair and SMILE. And LAUGH. You can put on a dress, style your duo, smack on the lipstick and SMILE. And LAUGH. Wear whatever makes you feel good. Sometimes you’re just one comfortable, cozy, or daring outfit away from raising your happiness level, and feeling energized and vibrant!


  • Make a list of everything that is just fabulous about your life, your body and all that makes you YOU. You’re pretty freaking awesome! No one makes you awesome. You make yourself amazing! Why not make a list of all the awesomeness so when you feel down you can read it and instantly be reminded of the rockstar you truly are.


  • Spread the love. I’m a huge believer in giving what you want to receive. You want more love? Give love. Go visit a friend. Mail a card out. Stop by someone’s work and drop them off a bouquet of flowers. Volunteer. Be someone’s secret admirer. Do something loving and kind for someone else. You will get that awesomeness right back to you, ten fold.


  •  Stay away from the snot forming Valentine’s/couple themed movies…if they make you cry and compare your life with the characters. You know you do it.  You compare your relationship with that of the characters, you compare your life, your job,  everything. So forget those movies that make your cry and feel crappy about not having Channing Tatum begging you to marry him, and stick to a comedy. Laughing is the best medicine and makes you feel so ridiculously good. So laugh. A lot.


  •  A gourmet home cooked meal shouldn’t be just for couples. Treat YO’self just as fancy and swanky  as you would your partner! Set the atmosphere, light a candle, dim the lights, put on some music, use the fancy dinnerware, pop open the pricey champagne, savor your chocolate covered strawberries…it doesn’t matter if its not being shared with anyone else, you are doing this for yourself. This is your way of showing appreciation for all that you do. All that you are, and how hard you work.


  •  Reflect and journal on how WONDERFUL today was. You are simply amazing for taking care of yourself.  For taking today and nurturing and deepening the most important relationship you’ll ever have. Be grateful for all that you did (or didn’t do) today. Pat yourself on the back for not dwelling on what others were doing and instead, marveling at your incredible awesomeness.

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