Your Thanksgiving game plan!  A new approach for losing the Thanksgiving weight without cleanses, portion control, or deprivation!

Your Thanksgiving game plan! A new approach for losing the Thanksgiving weight without cleanses, portion control, or deprivation!

As we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving Day, you may be scouring the internet for the latest tips on how to not eat all that turkey and pumpkin pie, how to strengthen your willpower against the almighty buttery mashed potatoes, or you may be looking for a cleanse or detox system that can help you burn those extra calories overnight.

I got something better for ya…

Here’s why the standard advice rarely ever works

Let’s be real here for a moment…when that day comes, you may very well have every intention in the world to watch your portion sizes, go for a walk right after dinner, and to stay away from certain fatty dishes. That’s all great and awesome, until you’re facing 6 different kinds of pies, 5 casseroles, 4 different bowls of mashed potatoes, all those gravy boats, beautifully decorated bowl after bowl of flaky butter rolls, and of course, the big bird himself, the main centerpiece, the turkey.

Even though the true meaning of Thanksgiving sometimes gets forgotten due to the overwhelming buffet of dishes, it’s really important to remember that it’s a day to be thankful, to be grateful for all that you have, and a day to share that abundance with the people you love and care for. It is not a day to spend stressing and feeling guilty over the food you’re eating.

When you set the restriction to only eat certain amounts, and to avoid certain dishes, you spend the day in a power struggle between eating what you want, and your intention. The fact that you’re setting restrictions for yourself actually makes you want to go against them. It becomes a day of struggling against your willpower, and then if you do give in, you spend the rest of the time full of guilt and most likely internally beating yourself up.

I so don’t want you spending your day like this! Many of us already spend the other 364 days being so hard on ourselves and feeling guilty over the food choices we make, Thanksgiving is not another day for this. It’s time to shift the focus from your body to your soul. It’s time to focus on the meaning behind Thanksgiving not the number on your scale.

Your Thanksgiving game plan

By having a game plan in place that takes care of your weight concerns, you can then take your weight gain worries right out of the equation! This frees you up to really enjoy the day for what it should be: warmth, comfort, family, love, and gratitude.

By setting in place a few guidelines and following through with them, you won’t have to worry about this one day derailing your hard work and packing on the pounds.

Follow these next four guidelines for THREE days, (Thanksgiving day, and both days after Thanksgiving), and you can forget stressing over the holiday weight, and instead focus on the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

1. For these three days, give your workouts a little more oomph! You hear time and time again to go for a walk after dinner to help burn some calories, but since we’re being honest here, who wants to go for a walk when they’re in a food coma? After the Thanksgiving meal you can find me asleep on the living room floor, and that’s perfectly okay! It’ll be the most enjoyable nap evaaa! Why? Because I know I have my workout guideline set in place so that these extra calories will get burned off in their due time. All you have to do, is increase the intensity of your workout by just a little bit. If you normally go for a run, make it slightly longer or increase your pace. If you usually take a dance class, maybe drop it a little hotter, or put a little more bounce in your step. If you weight train, increase the weight by a few of pounds. There’s no need for hours after hours of marathon workouts. All you have to do is give your regular workout a bit more oomph! Take it up just a few notches, make it 20-30 minutes longer, lift heavier, burpee harder, or just move a littler more overall. You get the picture.

2. Drink four cups of green tea. For the next three mornings, make yourself a big pot of green tea, and sip it throughout the day. If you want a quick and effective way to burn some fat with minimal effort, green tea is your holy grail. Green Tea contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) a very potent antioxidant. This antioxidant increases fat oxidation by 33 percent. 33% more fat burn just from drinking tea? Heck yeah! EGCG inhibits fat cell development, increases fat excretion, and revs ups your metabolism. To help counter the “feet” taste that some people say about green tea, squeeze in some fresh lemon juice.

3. Drink 70 oz of water. Most of us don’t drink enough water, and we especially need it now because of all the extra sodium we consumed. Drinking 70 ounces of water will help flush out the excess water weight and get rid of the food baby bloat. As a bonus, this consistent hydration will also help keep your appetite under control and your cravings at bay.

4. Say no to leftovers and doggy bags. One day of over eating won’t obliterate your waistline (especially if you follow these guidelines) but the same can’t be said for over indulging two or more days in row. Enjoy yourself on Thanksgiving. Enjoy everything that comes with this beautiful holiday, but keep it to that day only. Taking leftovers home and continuing the overeating and excess calorie consumption, will make it much harder for you to lose that weight. One pound is much easer to lose than 5. So limit yourself to Thanksgiving day, and say no to leftovers.


So there you have it- a Thanksgiving game plan so you can take your focus off of your body, and instead, focus on what truly matters- looking around at your family, delighting in delicious food, and being soooooo full of gratitude for these blessings, and these privileges that not everyone gets to have.


2 Responses to Your Thanksgiving game plan! A new approach for losing the Thanksgiving weight without cleanses, portion control, or deprivation!

  1. Tracy says:

    I have read every tip in the universe regarding how not to gain at the holidays and this one has to be by far, the most SPOT ON, best ever, normal, sing-to-my-soul, advise I’ve ever read.
    In fact, when I started to read the blog in my email, I’m thinking “she better not post anything that has to do with abstaining, cause seriously, that shit doesn’t work.” and look…no abstaining, no torture, no guilt. Connie – thank you for posting what should be in every womans’ magazine on the planet. You are good for my soul!!!

  2. Caitlin VanKeuren says:

    Hey Connie

    This article is great for us who are struggling with portion control. I know at Thanksgiving I always almost always overeat. It is not a good thing to over eat but I think that Thanksgiving is always an exception. Thanks for this article it will encourage me to do things that I haven’t thought about before.


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