From Doritos To Kale Chips: The Ultimate Health And Wellness Resource For Healing Your Body From The Inside Out

From Doritos to Kale Chips is a BEASTLY resource on health and wellness. This book provides you with everything you could possibly need to go from uninformed to wellness pro.

Haven’t you ever been curious about health and wellness? Like, what little stuff could you do here and there to be healthier? Why all these tree huggers are buying Organic baby food? And what’s up with all the coconut oil hype? You’ll find it all here. From the basics – clean eating, label reading, and sugar, to the rockin health practices like oil pulling, dry body brushing, clay eating and PH balance. All of the information needed to turn you from a Big Mac consuming hussy, into a walking, talking, health goddess, is HERE!

If you were to read no other health book but this one right here…you would STILL have all the knowledge needed to be a wellness pro! You would fit right in with the likes of David Wolf, Kris Carr, Dr. Oz and Oprah.

This ebook documents all the practices that I tried and it's my hopes and dreams that this ebook does for you what it did for me- transform your health, provide you with a richer lifestyle, and give you a whole new perspective on the world of holistic health.


21 Day Jumpstart Plan

Get more energy, lose weight, feel happier. All in 21 days.

BONUS: 21 day meal plan included. A full 3 weeks of clean, delicious and satisfying meals.

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Food is LIFE: A 6-Week Online Paleo Nutrition Group For Women

Food is LIFE is the only 6-week nutrition transformation programed created FOR women BY women, to help you learn how to eat in a manner that promotes health, energy, balanced moods, and fat loss LONG-TERM!

Let me ask you this...

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with not knowing what is the “right” way to eat?

Sick and tired of feeling drained, moody, and obsessing over every morsel of food you eat?

Are you ready to leave dieting in the dust and learn how to eat for your own unique body type?

Are you ready to have more energy, end the hormonal rollercoaster, reduce your food cravings and make peace with your body?

In this ONLINE 6-week nutrition group I'll be teaching you the eating and lifestyle that helped me embrace my dream body, balance my hormones, get rid of my GI issues, clear my skin, eat delicious, soul satisfying meals, identify food sensitivities, keep my estrogen levels under control, achieve a new level of superhero energy, and overall, feel and live like a badass.
Food is LIFE!

30 Day Lean Eating Plan For Men

In order to lose fat, you have to watch what you eat!

Your nutrition comes before your fitness. Your nutrition is more important than your fitness!

You can work out for an hour, burn 500 calories, and eat back ALLLLLL of those calories in one fucking sitting.

But calories in and calories out isn’t that simple.

The QUALITY of calories matters most! When you follow this meal plan, you’ll be fueling your body with a hell of a lot of nutritious foods which will help your metabolism burn HOT HOT HOT, boost your energy, increase your sleeping patterns, help you feel good and lose excess fat.

Here's what you get:

  • A Quick-Start Guide. This is a simple, straight to the point guide that quickly explains what to eat and how.
  • 4 Weeks Worth of Meals. Your month long meal plans take the guess work out of figuring out what to eat. No complicated or special ingredients reqired. There’s no fluff, no muss, nada. Just real, whole, and banging delicious food.

To recap, you get your 30 day meal plan, a quick start guide, and simple, straight to the point directions. In an age of information overload, think we can all appreciate that.