Say “NO” this holiday season and simplify your life

Say “NO” this holiday season and simplify your life

Happy Holidays Wellness Rebels!


Like my hat? It was a spontaneous purchase. Money well spent if ya ask me! I love the holiday season…actually I think I just like cookies and mulled wine haha. I’m not a fan of all the shopping (I only like shopping for books, pretty stationary, and fitness clothes) I’m not a fan of all the crazies out there that want to shank me over a damn “As seen on TV” info product. I’m not a fan of how stressed everyone gets, and that BIG, wild look in their eyes. They get so strung out on stress you can see all the white in their eyes.

So I’m going to take this opportunity to share with you one of my favorite social media posts. Let it inspire you to remember what is REALLY important this holiday season…getting that free tote bag at Victoria Secret after spending 75 bucks on overpriced yoga pants!…. haha just kidding!

Like this holiday to do list?



I used to be that crazy, exhausted freak at wally world at 2am shopping for food and presents for everyone. I hated the holidays because I had soooo much to do. So much to buy and make and so many events to attend. Then I learned the power of, ‘fuck it” and my holiday experience changed! What a Christmas miracle!

Other ways I’ve simplified my holidays:

-I say “No” a lot. ”No” is a complete sentence. No further explanation or justification needed. For example:

“Want to help me put up what will be your 6th fucking christmas tree?“No”.

“Want to go spend the weekend shopping for gifts and being surrounded by insane people who will cut me over a magic bullet?” “No”.

“Want to go over to so and so’s house?” No”.

No, is a beautiful, liberating word. Use it this holiday season.

-I bought my gifts online in one fell swoop. I used to spend weeks (and a fortune) trying to come up with banging and awesome gifts. I don’t anymore. Christmas isn’t about stuffing your stocking to the brim. I now buy ONE item that I think the person will like and that’s it. Don’t like it? Go suck on some coal.

-I don’t cook for the masses. I want to enjoy the family time too, not be in a kitchen slaving away and trying not to get my sweat beads in the casserole.

-I don’t fill up every minute with some sort of event. During this time everyone’s got some place they gotta be…me? Nahhh I’ll attend 2-3 events that I truly like and that’s it. The rest of the time you can find me on the couch watching Christmas movies and drinking mulled wine.

Now that’s a happy holiday.

I’ll be checking out for the rest of 2014. I’m going to be spending the rest of December providing support for my new, “Wake Up, Live Awesome” eCourse members, spending time with my family, and filling in my many creative planners with all the amazing things that will be coming to Connieville (and to you since you should ALWAYS be rewarded for being part of this wellness rebel community) in 2015!

Be kind to one another.

With wine and Love,


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