Reduce your gluten consumption

Reduce your gluten consumption

What is up with Gluten? Everywhere we see it’s gluten-free this, gluten free that. And now they’ve turned something that is a disease into a weight loss diet. WTF???

Friend: “You look great Cindy! What have you done?”
Dumbass: “Oh Paula, thank you! I’ve gone gluten-free. Now my bum is two inches higher and my waist line is itty bitty!”

>insert record scratching noise here<

Let’s get one thing straight: going gluten-free is NOT the latest way to drop those unwanted pounds. It’s not a damn skinny girl diet. Got it? While I do recommend you reduce your gluten intake, it has nothing to do with dropping a few pounds. I’m advising you to reduce your gluten intake so your body can direct it’s energy elsewhere. More on that in a minute.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in processed wheat and grains. Gluten is what gives dough that elasticity. It gives the final product that chewy texture.

People with celiac disease cannot process this protein. It causes inflammation in the small intestines and by eating a gluten-free diet, it helps people with celiac disease control their signs and symptoms and prevent complications.

Eating a gluten-free diet is to TREAT a disease, NOT to whittle your waist line. Don’t be a dumbass. Don’t fork over your hard-earned cash for gluten-free food, thinking it will help you shed those last 5 pounds. That is just as dumb as shaking a white powder onto your food because it claims to be the new miracle “fat blocker”.

Now that we have cleared up that misconception, we can move on to why you will benefit from reducing your gluten intake.

Gluten is hard to digest regardless of whether or not you are sensitive to it, or have celiac disease. Gluten can impose a burden on your digestive system, because of it’s difficult-to-digest protein complex. This results in an irritated and exhausted system, and increased inflammation inside the body. As I’ve said it a million times before, where there is inflammation, disease will thrive. It generally requires a lot of work on your body’s behalf to break gluten down.

Therefore by reducing this taxing protein from your diet, that energy is free to work on healing other issues. The liver, digestive system and immune system are given a break and some time to recover. If you have any sort of sickness, or pain, or lack energy, have brain fog, food allergies, chronic bloating, acne, or anything in general, try reducing your consumption of gluten products for a week or two and see how you benefit from it.

With your gluten consumption cut wayyy down, you’re going to notice your energy levels go skyyyy high! You’re body will be redirecting all that dang energy required to break down gluten, to do instead what? That’s right! Heal your body! Boosting your immune system!

Wake up, live awesome. 


What are your favorite gluten-free products or substitutes? Have you noticed any changes once you reduced your gluten intake?

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