Rant post. Cuz I’m more than just a pretty face with an ass that won’t quit.

I gotta rant from time to time too ya know.

I get contacted several times a week by MLM companies, coaches, and product based people. Here’s the thing, some of them just come right out and pitch their stuff to me. Okay I get it. That’s fine. But the ones that tick me off are the ones that take the “used car salesman approach.” They friend me, they take an interest in my life, job, and family. They give me tons of attention, send me cute messages, and just genuinely seem to give two fucks about me. That is until they pitch me their company and I reject it.

Da da duuuuuummmmm!

After I say, “thank, but no thanks. I’m doing my own thing and it’s working for me.” You know what happens next? Nothing. Just like that they disappear. All of the sudden they want nothing to do with me.

I much prefer the companies/people that are straightforward and say to me, “Hey Connie! I love what you write and your authentic personality. Because of that I wanted to see if maybe teaming up with my >insert company here< would be a good fit for you. Here’s my site and let me know if you have any further questions.” I prefer THOSE people over the ones that falsely become my friend with the INTENTION of selling me on something once they believe they’ve gained my trust. They’re the ones that get insulted when I decline and then dump me like a bad habit. Orrrrrrr they try to use their stats to get me to change my mind.

“You’re just leaving money on the table! I make $5K a week working from my laptop, part-time! I just bought an Escalade! I go on 5 yearly all-expenses paid vacations!”

Yeah that’s dope. Good for you. You can keep your Escalade. I prefer Mustangs anyways and I hate traveling. No but seriously, if you want to give me an Escalade I’ll take it…and trade it in for a Mustang. And as soon as they invent a teleporting machine that will get me to those 5 yearly vacations without having to set foot in a fucking airport, or be questioned by TSA as to why I have an American last name when I’m clearly Hispanic, (ahem, I married a white dude that’s why) I’ll take those vacations.

False friendships and fallacious interest is a shitty, fake way to be. Maybe it’s the latest sales strategy. I wouldn’t know. My sales strategy? Be me. Be bold. Be fucking AUTHENTIC, even if it isn’t always pretty.

I don’t create false friendships in order to build a fake bond and gain someone’s trust. I don’t use guilt or manipulation. I don’t even use proper language. But at least I don’t use false pretenses to make a fucking buck and build my empire.

There are plenty of people out there that are part of networking companies because they truly, whole heartily believe in that company/product. Their lives have been changed by it and so they want to pay if forward. Their intentions are to HELP people. To EDUCATE. Be like THOSE people. Those are the ones I love to align myself with. Those are the people that are straightforward with me from the get go and if or when I decline, they stick around because I’m more than a potential lead…I’m also a friend.


Know what I mean? Have you been a victim of SSS (Shitty Sales Strategy) too?

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