Oil of Oregano, not just for your pizza

Oil of Oregano, not just for your pizza


Mix a little oregano with some garlic and olive oil, shmear it on some warm, homemade herb bread, and I can make a meal outta that! Not just a delicious kitchen staple, but oregano is actually natures antibiotic and It may be one reason why people who eat a Mediterranean diet tend to live longer and healthier lives. A healthier life, a longer life, AND a delicious topping for some italian bread? I can totally get on board with that! It would be faster to describe what this baby can’t do! Here’s a taste of what this shizz is awesome for:

•Colds, Flus
•Soar Throat
•Stomach Ache
•Food Poisoning
•Lyme Disease
•Ear Ache
•Bladder and Kidneys Problems
•Animal bites
•Insect bites
•Nail fungus
•Tooth ache
•Gum disease
•Cold sores
•Canker sores
•Sore Muscles

And more and more and more and more and moreeee. Are you starting to get the awesomeness of this miracle oil?

What is Oil of Oregano?

Wild Mediterranean Oregano best known as a culinary herb has ancient medicinal properties. There are 40 different varieties of oregano in the world. The kind I use grows wild throughout the Mediterranean and contains high levels of Carvacrol, oregano’s primary active compound. Oregano has numerous phytochemicals that work alongside Carvacrol to fight disease, heal the body, and support vital systems.

An increasing number of naturopaths and doctors are now recommending oil of oregano as a safe and effective alternative to antibiotics.

Note: Oil of Oregano is not for long-term use.  It is very potent and should only be purchased from a trusted source. The Brand I use is Joy of Mountains. Remember, we go for quality with everything. Only high quality things our allowed in the one body we have been given,  to carry us through this lifetime.

 How to use oil of Oregano

It really depends on what you want to treat. Because it’s natures antibiotic, the dosage varies for whatever ails you. You can easily turn to my good ol’, dependable bud “Google” to help you find the proper dosage. Or, if your purchase from the same company I do “Joy of the Mountains” they send you a handy, dandy brochure with your oil that has numerous dosage for a buckload of illnesses. Traditionally you place the recommended drops of oil on or under your tongue, or in a glass of water.

Note: Remember, pay attention to quality when purchasing oil of oregano. There is a large difference in quality in the oils on the market. Most of these products are not pure oil of oregano. Look for:


-75%-85% Carvacrol

-Wild Mediterranean Oregano

Oregano…to your health and your pizza!

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