You may not be so thrilled about the New Year

This week’s post is a special throwback video to a message that still applies today. In this video I talk about a situation that I was in that had me full of regret, worry and stress because I chose to do NOTHING about it, and instead, I chose to ignore it and hope it “fixed” itself. Like I sometimes do when the warning signs light up on my car.

It’s now a year later from when I made this video and I FOLLOWED through! I followed through so much, stepped up, made the necessary changes, that I don’t even remember what the hell I was talking about in this video!




Like, I have no memory. Nor do I care. It’s in the past and it can stay there.


What I do know is that 2015 was a HUGE year for me both professionally and personally. In my life, my work IS my life. I live and breathe all that I teach and there is no differentiating between the two. My life is my “job”, and it’s awesome. I wake up each morning and ask God/The Universe/The Divine/Big Kahuna (whatever I feel like calling “it” that morning, they’re all the same to me) how I may be of service, and boom! Off I go.


In 2015 I GREW. A lot.


This past year I…

  • Said “HELLLLL NO!” to negativity. If you were constantly gossiping about others, being negative, talking people down, trying to me feel like shit, complaining about life while doing nothing to change your situation…out of my life you went! I developed a NO NEGATIVITY policy. Negativity just brings me down, makes me tired and completely drains me. It activates my PTSD from child abuse and so it has no place in my life. How can I show up for you, how can I be the best for you when I’m trying to fight whatever negativity is in my life? I can’t. So I removed it from my life. And it feelssss good!


  • I gave myself permission to purge of anything that wasn’t serving me, or I no longer wanted. Old courses I never took? Gone! Ebooks I will never read? Deleted! Books I bought on one of my many trips to Barnes & Nobles that just sat there? Donated! Clothes I didn’t wear? Donated! Or I gave them to my daughter who is like a mini fashion designer. She takes them and recycles them into BEAUTIFUL things like book covers, doll clothing, place mats, etc. Old contacts in my phone that I don’t talk to ? Deleted! There is magic in cleansing, in getting rid of the old and un-serving that creates SPACE for abundance, and time to do more of that which you love. That which makes you happy and giddy with joy.


  • I got to work with New York Times Best Selling Authors Christine Hassler & Jen Sincero. Both who in their own ways helped catapult my life in new fun, exciting and abundance direction.



  • I’m working on forgiving my aunt who triggered my life long body image issues by constantly comparing her body to mine and telling me I was fat. I’m also working on forgiving her for not pulling me out of my abusive childhood home…not easy…but I’m working on it.


  • I spent my birthday with the man who helped me earn a badass figure, SHAUN T YO!!!! We laughed, talked, he made a video for my daughter (who adores him) we ate cheesecake, drank wine, and then I got my ass whooped the next morning during his workout. Maybe I should’ve eaten less cheesecake and drank less wine.


  • I bought a home in my dream state of COLORADOOOOOOO!!!! Whoo hoo! We’re upgrading our environment and moving to our dream state in just a few months!


  • Launched a successful online course that teaches women the exact methods I used to heal my body from cystic acne, mood swings, heavy PMS, and more. You can learn more about that here >>


  • Made a gingerbread house that DID.NOT.FALL.APART! We’ve been trying for FIVE years to make one that actually held together and for the first time, WE DID IT! And by “we”, I mean my husband and child as I was busy napping on the couch. #TooMuchEggnog


…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So whatever was going on with me in 2014 when I made the video below, clearly did NOT make it into 2015 and I am forever grateful to myself for not letting it.


Now, what are YOU going to release during these last few days of 2015 that will NOT serve you in 2016?


What are YOU going to give yourself permission to let go, ditch, trash, dump and move away from?


Comment below and let me know!


Onto the throwback video….

This video is for you if you’re NOT one of those happy, dappy people who can’t wait to ring in the new year. This video is for you if you’re dreading 2015. This video is for you if the only people you’ll be spending tonight with are named, “Ben & Jerry” and “Mr.Jack Daniels”



Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you’re going to give yourself permission to let go, ditch, trash, dump and move away from. While you’re at it, share your 2015 wins too! Let’s end it on high note!



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