Let’s talk shit

Let’s talk shit


This topic might make you a little uncomfortable, but get over it. A healthy colon is ESSENTIAL for optimal health. A lot of shit can go south REALLLLL fast if you do not have a colon that function properly. People are unaware of how critically important pooping is to their health. Uh-huh, I just said that. A backed up, slow or damaged colon can trigger or be the underlying cause for many of your health aliments:



Athlete’s Foot



 Aches and Pains

Need Laxatives

 Fungal Infections

Bad Breath

Frequent headaches

Skin Problems


Lower Back Pain

Sinus Problems


Food Allergies







 Lack of Sexual Response

Yeast Infections

Loss of Memory

Anal Itching


Man, they all sound HORRIBLE don’t they? Nothing says sexy quite like some anal itching. Unfortunately many of us experience this stuff on a regular basis. Before running to your doctor, consider this alternative treatment: Colon Hydrotherapy (colonic).

Once upon a time I used to go 2 weeks without dropping number 2! TWO WEEKS! I was too embarrassed to talk to my parents about it so I just ignored it. My lack of pooping combined with a shitty diet led me to some nasty digestion problems as an adult. When I finally did discover colonics, I had once every week until my system reset itself and achieved balance. Nowadays I have one monthly to keep my colon healthy and as prevention.

Taken from The Waverly Wellness House in Waverly, PA, the hopping joint where I get my treatments from:

“ A healthy colon is essential to a healthy body. When the colon is working properly, its peristaltic (muscular, wavelike) motions move food through the system and eliminate waste within 16 to 24 hours of eating. Wastes allowed to remain too long in the digestive system feed harmful bacteria. Their presence interferes with the absorption of nutrients. Healthy bacteria in the colon are prevented from doing their job, thus providing a breeding ground for sickness and disease. (No bueno)

 A lifetime of poor eating habits, insufficient exercise and emotional and physical stress cause the system to degenerate. Toxic waste accumulates within the 60,000 miles of blood vessels, lymph glands, joints and cells. But the greatest amount is found in the linings of the colon. Approximately 5 to 15 pounds of waste is in the average adult American. (Yikes!)

 The presence of toxins can cause constipation, diarrhea, lack of energy and other ailments. Toxins interfere with the lymphatic system’s ability to cleanse and, therefore affect the condition of every cell and organ of the body. When the material in the colon becomes toxic, it passes into the blood stream as a poison.

 Many of us are constipated without realizing it. You may have a bowel movement every day and still have a colon packed with accumulated waste. The effects of this degeneration can be immediate –as with the onset of headaches, colds, skin problems, fatigue, indigestion, allergies or in the case of more serious conditions may take years to develop. “


 So what is colon hydrotherapy?

Colonics are not as big of a deal as most people like to make them seem. The people that are normally cringing and talking shit about colonics are the ones that have NEVER even had one to begin with! So they are literally spewing worthless nothings, since they have had no experience with it. Take it from me, someone who does this on a regular basis, colonics are not painful, crazy, or as weird as they may seem. They’re great for you and your body, and afterwards you feel an awesome sense of wellness that only comes from your body thanking you for doing  something amazing for it.

A hydrotherapy treatment GENTLY cleans the colon by filling and emptying it with warm and cool water. You chillax on a table that is connected to the hydrotherapy equipment. During the 45 minute to 1 hour treatment, a colon therapist massages your abdomen and varies the water temperature to tone the colon muscles and improve peristaltic action.

*Note, some places do not assist you when having a colonic. They tell you what to do and leave you to it. I personally think that sucks. I rather have an experienced therapist do it for me because the last thing I want to do is screw my ass up. At the Waverly Wellness house they have therapists there that do the procedure for you and are amazing at making you feel comfortable and at ease*

 The awesome benefits that make it all worthwhile

Even though I no longer suffer from digestion problems, I continue with my monthly treatments as prevention. A few of othe benefits that other experience from regular colonic therapy are:

Toning the colon

Increase in circulation

Calms the nervous system

Brings relief to headaches

Helps the digestive system become more effective

Increase engery due to the releasing of toxins

Improves concentration

Decreases risk of colon cancer

Increases fertility

Maintains PH balance

Expels parasites

Relief from food allergies

Backache relief

 Corrects indigestion

Less colds

and many more.


Most importantly, regular colonics helps the body to better metabolize good sources of nutrition. These reasons and more, is why colonics are one my methods of alternative treatments. When there is a healthy colon, the overall body works better. Give it a try before you become one of those people that knocks it without trying it.



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