Get your dream body. All you have to do is sell your soul to the devil.

Get your dream body. All you have to do is sell your soul to the devil.

On the daily we are bombarded with magical weight loss pills, creams, and some cocaine looking powder you’re supposed to sprinkle on your food. As a nation we LOVE quick fixes and instant results. We want everything done yesterday, and as easy and painless as possible. 

So it’s no surprise that people are jumping on the pill popping bandwagon as a short cut to weight loss. I mean, who wants to workout for an hour a day, and watch what they eat? They rather pop a little pill, sprinkle some coke-like powder on their lean cuisines, and destroy their insides. It’s more important to fit into that teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini.

I get it. We want results now, not later.  As a woman, I too have my body image issue moments. For a while there it was body image issue YEARS. It began when I was 14, and ended when I was 24.  And it’s not like I don’t still have those moments where I look at myself and think “gross”,  but they are rare and I bounce quickly back from those self-deprecating moments.


Do those diets pills, powders and the like work?

 Yes and no. Many of them do help you to momentarily shed the weight, but the side effects are much worse than lugging around some love handles.  People that have tried these diet products, (myself included) tend to experience dizziness, nausea, headaches, sleep problems, exhaustion, constant colds, and shit like that.  When you ingest chemical substances, your health suffers. We are meant to consume FOODS, not synthetic fake shit.


Never choose vanity over health.


Even if you don’t experience any physical side effects, people all over the world are reporting liver and kidney problems, tumor growths, and bone degeneration that have been linked to the diet products they consumed DECADES ago. It will catch up to you.


You have one body that is meant to carry you through a lifetime…don’t fill it with crap


With all the gurus, experts, and killer marketing skills of weight loss companies, I completely get why we’re so damn confused on what is ok to take and how to lose weight the right way. Let me simplify it for you….

 Losing weight is all about burning more calories than you take in.

SHAZZAM! That is NOT brand new information! There is no secret weight loss formula,  and I know you hate to hear me say it, but getting your dream bod is all about eating right and moving your body.


There is no need to complicate things. There is no need to stress over how many grams of this your eating, how many points that has, or whatever. Keeping things simple is really the key to weight loss. Life is complicated enough as it is, keep this simple and easy for yourself. There is no multi-million dollar funded advertising for eating right and exercising, because corporations WANT you to spend your hard-earned money on their health detrimental products, but weight loss is NOT complicated. It does not require fancy products and a child protected seal cap.


Eat right. Move often.


That is it!

Favorite ways to move my body:

  • Zumba
  • Dance
  • Home workout videos
  • Speed walking
  • Jumping on my trampoline
  • Chasing my daughter
  • Walking my pups
  • Hunting down a half priced Kate Spade bag


Favorite clean meals:

  • Loaded salad: greens, garbanzo beans, cranberries, almonds, hummus, and avocado
  • Wraps: Eziekiel wrap, hummus, greens, organic turkey, avocado
  • Brunch bowl: quinoa, cilantro, parsley, pumpkin seeds, cooked egg, and drizzle of citrus infused olive oil
  • Baked tofu in a sweet and sour sauce, coconut oil (instead of butter) baked potatoes, garlic and olive oil broccoli
  • Portobello mushrooms burgers, with herbed sweet potato fries, and garlic sautéed spinach


In the comments below, tell me what diet products have you tried before, what was your experience like on that product?

What form of movement do you enjoy the best, and your favorite clean meal.



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  1. I love it! Totally true — and totally simple. As a teen, I was tempted to try those pills that pull off 1/3 of the fat you eat so you poop it out. Glad I never did! I think they’ve come into vogue again, though. Hopefully people will stop buying into all that questionable and poisonous shit soon. Plus, they can get better results and KEEP them by hiring you!

    • I tried TONS of pills when I was a teen. I spent most of those years feeling dizzy and nauseated, surprise surprise. A lot of companies are marketing weight loss pills as NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS and that pisses me off. Many consumers are unaware of this and think they are doing themselves a favor when in reality, it’s the same dangerous product, with a different brainwashing wrapper.

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