How gelatin can help you lose weight, stay young & so much more

How gelatin can help you lose weight, stay young & so much more

Hey awesome one!

I’m so happy it’s friday and I get to talk to you =) I love connecting with my like-minded peeps. I look forward to your emails and replies sooooo much! How’s this week been treating ya? Did you start anything new? Explore a new place? Choose the donut with sprinkles instead of the glaze? It’s all good homie =)  but in all seriousness, did you do anything this week that made you feel ALIVE? That helped you feel a little bit better about your life? A lot of my friends are riding the high off of attending the Tony Robbins event I told you about, and they’ve gone sky diving, proposed, ended abusive relationships, etc. Isn’t that AWESOME??? Oh my God I’m so proud of them!

Me? Well I haven’t gone skydiving or bungee jumping, but I did use the TR high to kick fear’s ass and make a move I’ve been suppressing…WE ARE MOVING TO COLORADO THIS YEAR! Originally we had set out to move some time next summer because we were afraid to move too fast. We changed that!

We booked our tickets, made the necessary reservations and set a date to go to Colorado and house hunt. We’re looking for a real estate agent (if you know anyone in that area let me know) we told our friends and family, started planning the rest of the year accordingly and even scheduled a goodbye party. Come mid-august we’re outta here! We’re so excited we can barely contain ourselves!

But I must show some restrain, can’t use this entire post to talk and talk about ME, at some point I gotta talk to you about the awesomeness that is gelatin…let’s get to it!

What is gelatin good for?

“According to Nourishing Traditions  there are various health benefits to Gelatin, including:

· Supports skin, hair and nail growth
· Good for joints and can help joint recovery
· Can help tighten loose skin (like the kind you get after having a huge ass baby. Yes I’m talking ’bout you Mackenzie!)
· Can improve digestion since it naturally binds to water and helps food move more easily though the digestive track
· Rumored to help improve cellulite
· Great source of dietary collagen
· Gelatin is a good source of protein (6 grams per Tablespoon), collagen and amino acids (it has 18, 9 of which are essential). Of these amino acids, Glycine is reported to help liver function and Lysine is utilized in muscle building and calcium absorption. Because of this, gelatin is often included in recipes for homemade baby formula, as it also helps digest milk proteins.”

Seeeeeeee how awesome it is?


Which gelatin to use

Now when it comes to the gelatin itself, I’m not talking about that artificial, neon, sugar shit you see at the store. There’s many different powders out there but the one I trust does NOT come from ground up hooves. It’s a kosher, raw, grass-fed food source.  It’s the brand Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate. Great lakes has two types of gelatin. The green can which I use, or the red can. Either the red or green work just fine. The difference is that the green container is easier on your digestive system and won’t gel up like the red container. The green dissolves easily in cold and hot drinks but the red container dissolves only in hot drinks.
I highly encourage you to add in some daily gelatin. Gelatin is such a good source of protein. Its full of collagen which helps protect your joints, youth, takes away those achy pains, speeds up recovery, strengthens your nails, hair and does so much more.

As someone who trains like an athlete, I’m prone to injuries. (I also for some inexplicable reason seem to bump into every table and wall there is) My body takes a beating, and to help it heal and perform at its best, I take gelatin twice a day.

Let me let you in on a little secret girlfriend, one that cosmetic companies don’t want you to know. All those anti-wrinkle collage creams? They’re garbage. Your skin CANNOT absorb collagen because its particles are too large for your pores. Those creams are just a waste of money.

Buttttt, by taking pure gelatin internally, not only are you getting a good source of protein, but you’re also strengthening and protecting your joints, AND fighting the aging process!


How I take Gelatin

Every morning I add 2 tbsp of great lakes gelatin to my green juice, and every evening I add 2 tbsp of gelatin to my tea. Ta daaaa! Easy breezy.

I will say this. In my personal experience it takes TIME to feel the benefits of gelatin. Some people may experience it right away, others it may take longer. For my husband and I (and my clients) the average is 90 days. If you’re consistent with this supplement you will start experiencing its amazingness. But you can’t expect to feel it when some days you take it, then you don’t cuz you forgot, then you start all over again, then you miss a few days…no. It’ll never build up in your system that way. Leave the container out in the open somewhere you can easily and always see it, until it becomes second nature and a habit to take it daily.


GLK-00212-5Great Lakes Collagen 

(This is the only brand that I recommend because it comes from grass-fed beef, and NOT from shitty parts like pig hooves.)

Collagen Hydrolysate (beef kosher) unflavored 1lb can






Update 2016

We now take THIS brand of collagen. Great Lakes is still an awesome brand, but we got quicker results with Vital Proteins and so we upgraded to this brand of collagen. Either one is good.


In the comments below, share with me what you’re hoping gelatin will help you with


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6 Responses to How gelatin can help you lose weight, stay young & so much more

  1. Thanks for the advice on what sounds like a great product. I would like it for muscle strengthening and diminishing cellulite, but honestly, yes I need to get working out and believe it will help with my recovery afterwards. Love your blog, but sad to hear you will be moving away; although, happy your following your dreams. Your writings are always an inspiration to me. ROCK ON FREEBIRD!

  2. Angela Roberts says:

    How does gelatine help you lose weight? Is it only because it makes you feel full so it is assumed that you’ll eat less, or is there some other reason?

    What is wrong with regular store bought gelatine used for baking? Does this not have the same effect?

    • This type of gelatin is RICH in protein which helps you feel fuller and satisfied longer. Also, this type of gelatin is very gut healing, and the stronger your gut health is, the less cravings, inflammation and imbalances you have. You CANNOT use the store bought gelatin for baking because it is NOT the same as the gelatin I recommend. The one I recommend and talk about in this article is a whole FOOD. The store bought neon packages are processed thickening powders.

  3. Tammi says:

    So how long does this can last for

  4. Cathi Rotan says:

    I found that the red can gelatin is more effective against body aches and pains for me. I take two tablespoons before bedtime. I sleep better and I have more energy throughout the day. I didn’t notice the increase in energy until I increased my dosage from 1 tbs to 2.

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