French women don’t get fat + giveaway

French women don’t get fat + giveaway


If you haven’t read this book by Mireille Guiliano, I highly recommend it. I loved this book because of the main principle behind it all, eat what you want in moderation. Also known as…portion control. Many of us struggle to lose weight. We want to get rid of that muffin top, to fit into those dang skinny jeans, and to stop  pinching our love handles. We KILL ourselves at the gym thinking we’re taking the right approach to weight loss.


´´Exercise comes first in making you healthier and happier, but if your goal is to get a flat stomach and chiseled figure, you might be looking in the wrong place. Get out of the gym, and into the kitchen. I am by no means saying to scrap your dedicated and necessary workout program, I am simply saying that focus needs to be put on what you are putting into that body of yours. Calories are a lot easier to put into the body than they are to burn off, so burning the candle at both ends will be most beneficial.´´ -Head Trainer, Becca Campell 

There is no secret, magical, or short cut to losing weight. I know, I’ve tried. In my younger years I spent a good portion of them dizzy and nauseated from all the diet pills I was taking. It shouldn’t have come as a shock when I plummeted into a health crisis after poisoning my body for years.

In this post I really want to talk about one, critical action step that you can do now, RIGHT NOW that will help you lose that muffin top. It’s not brand new information but when you consistently put it into practice it makes a huge difference. You may have heard about this before but have you IMPLEMENTED it?  Be honest. Hearing and learning is one thing, but taking action, following through is a whole other ordeal. The latter takes balls, commitment, discipline.

You can do this, I’m only asking you to do ONE thing!  I’m not giving you a set of 20 do’s and don’t’s, a long ass list of confusing rules…it’s just ONE thing that will help you make progress in your weight loss journey. Once you master this baby, once you are motivated and inspired by the changes you see and feel, once it becomes second nature, you can move on to other awesome weight loss triggers like the ones that I go over in extensive detail in my ebook From Doritos to Kale Chips.

For right now, focus on the following ONE piece of advice, and after 2 weeks, notice how you feel, how much weight you’ve lost and other positive changes you’re experiencing.


Try this now: Eat proper portions 7412707256_c1918845f0_m


Beachbody has come out with its latest workout baby, The 21 day fix program, it has EXPLODED everywhere. It’s so popular that the program is always on back order.  People are losing weight left and right, do you know why? Nope, it’s not JUST because of the 30 minute workouts, there are tons and tons of workout videos out there that people have tried to full exhaustion and yet have not lost any pounds…this program is so popular because it teaches you PORTION CONTROL.

You literally get a bunch of different sized, colored containers that hold the proper portion of a specific food group. Each color represents the certain food group. For example:

Green Container—Vegetables

Purple Container—Fruit

Red Container—Protein

Yellow Container—Carbohydrates

Blue Container—Healthy Fats and Cheese

Orange Containers—Nuts and Oils

You fill each container with the appropriate food group and voila, you can eat as much of that food as long as it fits in the container.

You can work out for HOURS every, single damn day, but if you’re consuming more calories than you burn, ya ain’t gonna lose any weight! This is not rocket science, or brand new information, and yet…..this particular program is backordered simply because it comes with little containers that teach you the proper portions of foods. People are dropping a shitload of weight without limiting their food choices, simply by eating the actual serving size of their favorite foods. Shazzam!

This is the “secret” behind why French women don’t get fat. They indulge in wine several times a day, eat bread at every meal WITH butter, and have 3,4 5, course meals. And yet, they are skinny minnies. Why? Because they watch their portions! They eat but not to the point where they send themselves into a food coma. They eat whatever their heart’s desire, but in suitable quantities. Unlike the rest of our lovely nation, they do not pig the fuck out.


One of my favorite comedian’s said it best…

“I don’t stop eating when I’m full. The meal isn’t over when I’m full. The meal is over when I’m hate myself full”- Louis C.K


Ain’t that the truth? We feel compelled to clean our plates, to finish every bite, even if we’re full already. We just shovel it inside as if our bodies were nothing more than a garbage disposal.

You can eat whatever the hell you want, but for this week, I want you to eat HALF of what you normally do. Practice portion control. I guarantee it will make a difference in the number of calories you consume, and the pounds you DON’T gain!

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Instead of eating until you’re about to pass out in a pool of your own saliva, instead of hating yourself for pigging out, instead of beating yourself up, eat the right portions! You’ll feel lighter, have more energy because your body isn’t working overtime to break down such a large ass quantity of food, you’ll lose weight, you won’t harbor any negative feelings towards yourself, and you’ll create a much healthier relationship with food. C’mon ladies, ya’ll know we mentally beat the fuck out of ourselves when we overeat. The mental abuse we initiate on ourselves for being so gluttonous creates a damaging relationship with food. It’s one of the worst love/hate relationships ever!


“Eat to live, not live to eat”


Want to get a copy of “French Women don’t get fat?” For free?  Leave a comment below and I’ll pick one lucky reader and send you the book for free.


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4 Responses to French women don’t get fat + giveaway

  1. Jennifer says:

    There’s my problem!!!
    I’m going to take your challenge and eat half of normal portions and see how it goes!!

  2. Kara says:

    This is soooooo true!!!!
    For years I yo-yo dieted and busted my ass exercising trying to lose weight no avail.
    Once I realised that it’s not what I eat but how I eat it I was able to finally shift the weight and become the best version of me possible!!!!

  3. Jessica Dobbs says:

    SO true. I have a bad habit of eating things right out of the package, chips/pretzels/etc… Before I know it half of it is gone. I’m going to start taking out how much I can eat so I don’t over indulge

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