Coaching With Connie

I’m a holistic and spiritual nutritionist. I work with people who don’t want to count calories or macros, and instead, are ready to take responsibility for their health and their life, by taking a good look at what they’re putting into their bodies and making the changes needed to live the one life they’ve been gifted with.

My clients don’t count calories, they count chemicals.


Let me ask you something…

What would feel like a miracle right now?

That’s the question I ask all my clients. I want to know what their miracle is, so I can help them achieve it.

I often get answers such as…

For me? A miracle would be …

Fitting into my clothes and feeling at home in my own skin.

Reducing my stress load

Really believing that I can make peace with my body.

No longer feeling tired all the time.

Getting rid of my PMS

No longer having PCOS

Finally learning what is the right way to eat for my body


So I ask you, what would feel like a miracle right now?


I hear you.


And I want to help.


I want to live in a world where women are healthy, wealthy, full of energy, happiness and love.

I’m seriously saddened by the lack of support, compassion, patience and self-love that plagues my fellow beautiful women. I’m frustrated with all the preventable and reversible illnesses that plagues them because they don’t have the knowledge on how to get healthy, what that even means, and where to start.

I want you to NOT need people like me one day. I want you to stop looking at gurus or the latest health expert for advice on how to eat and live, and instead, listen to YOUR body. Trust YOUR intuition. I want you to learn how to eat in the best way possible for your unique body, regardless of whatever new health trend pops up. I want you to become your own doctor and take charge of  your own health.

That’s where individual coaching comes into play.

Individual coaching is a tremendous investment in yourself. I met my first coach in my early 20s and it dramatically changed the course of my life, putting me on the journey that led me here, to you, and to all the wonderful people I’ve been blessed to work with.

If it weren’t for my coach I wouldn’t have the vitality, energy, health and self-love that I do for myself.

I want the same for you.

As your partner and coach, you will have my undivided support and guidance as we work together for 14 weeks to upgrade your health and your life, and get you back to trusting your own body, and knowing exactly how to nourish it.


Permanent transformation is not about quick fixes, cleanses, crazy detox systems, or rigid menus. It’s a day by day, one step at a time action plan that compounds over time, into brilliant success!

There is nothing you cannot do. You are capable of so much more than you know or are currently experiencing.


Let’s get one thing clear…

Individual coaching is a PARTNERSHIP.  I don’t just hand you a meal plan and send you on your merry way. Nuh-uh! You and I…we’re going to be in a RELATIONSHIP. We’re going to talk about your goals, hopes, fears and dreams. And I will be there, working closely with you, supporting you every step of the way to ensure your success.

My relationships with my clients are confidential, intimate, honest, and amazingly rewarding.

I work with a limited number of clients at a time who are committed to being held accountable, showing up 100% for each session, and are willing to put into action what they learn. I show up for you, as your teacher, your guidance, and your support system. If you show up with an open mind and put into action what I teach you, good God girl, you’ll have no problem achieving your desired goals.

If you’re interested in exploring what partnering together looks like, click here to schedule a free consultation with me. We’ll talk all about you and how I can help =)

With love and wine,