Chlorella, green mean powerhouse machine

Chlorella, green mean powerhouse machine


Chlorella is a freshwater green algae that contains more chlorophyll—the alkaline-promoting powerhouse—than any other known plant! Cool beans!

Not to be underestimated because of its microscopic size, chlorella packs an impressive punch on many fronts. It’s a strongly alkalizing, complete food that shines as a vitamin and mineral supplement. One of the few plant-based sources of B-12, chlorella is a welcome addition to any vegetarian or vegan diet based on this fact alone, since B12 is mostly only found in animal tissue. Also, a mega bonus here: it comes in at a whopping 65% protein! Yeah! That’s where I get my protein from bitches! Why don’t you ask me again for the GAZILLIONth time where I get my protein from?!

Chlorella is an incredibly efficient source of protein, possessing 19 amino acids—including all ten essential amino acids—as well as essential fatty acids and a host of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Clean and green, chlorella is being researched as a future alternative to protein farming, whoop whoop!

Renowned for its cleansing and detoxifying abilities, chlorella enhances your immune system at a cellular level. Able to quadruple in a single day, chlorella’s impressive growth rate stems from a compound called chlorella growth factor (CGF)—combined with nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), the superfood chlorella is a supplement built for healing.

More benefits of regularly consuming chlorella are:

  • speeds cell regeneration
  • enhances healing
  • expedites muscle recovery
  • slows the signs of aging
  • the CGF in chlorella stimulates tissue repair
  • supports your immune system in times of stress
  • helps you avoid getting sick

Like I’ve said, it’s just awesome. It’s hard not to get addicted to consuming superfoods. If you choose to take a chlorella supplement, look for one that’s had the cell-walls cracked so your body can digest its goodness.

Along with chlorella, what other superfoods are you addicted to?


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