Maximize Your Healing Powers – Fast for 12 Hours a Night

Maximize Your Healing Powers – Fast for 12 Hours a Night

This past weekend I had the honor of turning one year older. I hate it when people bitch and complain about aging. All they focus on is wrinkles, pounds gained, and saggy skin. I don’t focus on that shit! To me, aging is a privilege that not everyone gets to do.


I celebrated another year of being alive by attending Shauntervention in Toronto. IT.WAS.AWESOME! Not only did I get to work out front row and talk to Shaun T, I also met some of the members in his entourage and made new friends, but the crème on the top was the VIP dinner.



Myself along with a group of other people were able to have a private dinner with Shaunt T and his entourage the night before the actual Shauntervention began. I was able to hug Shaun T, (a lot) show him pictures of my munchkin, and he even made a video for her. He is a stand up, top notch, loving man. His entourage is just as rockin as he is. They were so down to earth, attentive, and just fun to hang with.


It was one of my most memorable birthday celebrations.


And you totally SHOULD celebrate your birthday. You SHOULD celebrate the fact that God chose to put YOU on this earth. There’s a reason why you’re here. We weren’t put here to just take up space; we were put here to honor our purpose. Some of us know what that is, others don’t. It’s ok. You’ll find out eventually. Celebrate your birthday and don’t just blow it off as if it were, “just another day”. It’s NOT! It’s a day in which you came into this earth and made it BETTER! There is something about you that only YOU can share with the world. Something about you that is unique to you and only you. THAT is fucking special and should be celebrated.

 p.s I also wrote this short post about MLM companies and the like using false friendships to sell you shit. You should totally read it here! 

Okay then, now that I’ve caught you up on my shenanigans and threw a little self-love your way, let’s get on to today’s post.

I want to start off with this…Adopting a philosophy of self-experimentation can make a tremendous difference in your life. So many of us rather just fall in line and do what celebrities, trends, and trainers tell us to do. We rather be given a piece of paper with all our do’s and don’ts instead of trying to figure out what works best for us, as the individuals we each are. In the years since I’ve healed my body from sickness, I’ve chosen to stop following the latest health trends just because someone with a large marketing budget was all up in ma face telling me it was the “right” way to eat, move, and live. Instead, I choose to experiment. I choose to discover new fitness, health and wellness styles that I may benefit from. After all, I won’t know if a certain lifestyle or habit is a good fit for me until I give it a try.

It’s through experimentation and intuition that we build a life we love, with all the health to live it fully.

So retain that open-mindedness as I share with you a daily habit of mine that rocks my world, and will do the same for you my dear!

* For the record, I learned the importance of being open-minded the hard way. I ignored my intuition when it told me I needed to start eating animal protein, because certain members of the Vegan world had conditioned me to think that if I did this, I was a dirt bag that hated animals. I let the beliefs of others bully me and as a consequence of ignoring my intuition and failing to experiment, I ended up getting sick again and having a surgery that was un-fucking-necessary! So see? I’m a stubborn SOB too! Don’t be like me! Be open-minded! Trust yo’ gut! YOU know best!*


The miracle of fasting for 12 hours a NIGHT DSCFc7

I’m not talking about a juice fast, laxative detox, 21 day cleanse, all day fast, or anything like that. The kind of fast I’m talking about has to do with cutting out the midnight munchies and fridge raids. The kind of fast I talk about is SOOOOOOOO easy it can be done in your sleep. And in fact, IS done in your sleep.

Fasting for 12 hours a night (not day) is a form of intermittent fasting that is a GREAT stepping stone for someone who wants to experience the benefits of intermittent fasting, but isn’t ready to fully commit to it. Now, I’m not going to get into the details of intermittent fasting right now, but I will say that I AM experimenting with it, and in 90 days I’ll be giving you guys a full report. I just can’t do that yet as I’m still in the “guinea pig” phase.


However, the 12-hour fast that we’re talking about right now is a HABIT that I’ve done for maybe two years now? Or is it three? I’m gonna go with two.  I’ve adopted this habit for two years now and I can definitely report on its awesome benefits.

This is a super simple habit to adopt: From whatever time you complete your dinner, wait 12 hours before eating again. That may be from 7pm until 7 am. Ta daaaaaaa! Easy right?!

This fast is more than just about curbing late night eating and preventing weight gain. It affects us on a deeper, cellular level. By fasting every night for 12 hours from the time you eat your last meal, until the time you “break” the “fast” with breakfast, your body will be incredibly restored and rejuvenated.

It takes approximately eight hours for your body to fully digest the meals from your day. Then another four hours for the magic to happen. In those four hours after digestion has been completed, your body shifts into detox or “healing” mode, and you know I’m all about self-healing.

During this time your body removes dead cells, regenerates new ones, uses up stored glucose for energy which starts to burns off excess fat, (who doesn’t want to burn some fat while they sleep? Can get an AMEN?!) and aids the brain in stress fighting by producing beta-hydroxybutyric acid, which protects you from the every day exposure to toxins.


Other benefits include:

– Giving your digestive system a solid 12 hours of rest allows your body to efficiently process the nutrients you have consumed throughout the day.

– By refraining from eating for 12 hours a night, you allow your body to naturally process and prepare toxins for release through sweat and urine the next day.

-Cutting out the midnight munching is of course going to lead to weight loss, since you’re no longer stuffing your face with extra calories that you may not burn off.

– Helps stabilize your blood sugar levels because you’re not constantly eating and insulin isn’t constantly being spiked and crashing.

-Your energy and mood levels stay much more balanced.


Those benefits are great, right? But you know what, the real reason why you should do a nightly 12 hour fast really comes down to healing. Your body has sooooo much it needs to do daily to keep you functioning at an optimal level. Fasting nightly for 12 hours really gives your body a chance to take a well deserved break, from constantly digesting your food and work on utilizing that energy towards healing anything that may be off internally. It’s a much needed break for your system so it can naturally, easily and effectively, cleanse and heal.


Fasting every night for 12 hours will do your body an incredible amount of good, and have you waking up feeling rested and energized.

It really is that simple. It’s a habit that most anyone can benefit from. It’s easy, most of the fasting (if not all of it) is done while you sleep, and you reap a shit load of benefits.


Try it tonight, and see how you feel tomorrow.


Are you open to trying this 12 hour fast?  Let me know below!

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